In Hankido the principles of Won (圓, circle), Yu (流, fluency) and Hwa (和, harmony) are more visible in the application of each technique...

Hankido is based on twelve basic self defense techniques (Ho Shin Ki, 호신기) which in turn are linked to 24 breathing exercises.

Twelve techniques performed from the defender's point of view which we call 'Heaven Techniques' (Chon Ki Bob, 천기법, 天氣法) and twelve techniques performed from the attacker's point of view called 'Earth Techniques' (Chi Ki Bob, 지기법, 地氣法). In these groups of techniques, heaven and earth are understood as opposite terms, heaven related to positive energy (Yang) and earth related to negative energy (Um). Obviously, Hankido is made up of many more techniques, not only the main twelve circular techniques, but they form the solid foundation of any Hankido practitioner. A technique is better thousands of times than training thousands of techniques just once.

GM Myung Jae Nam began the development of what we know as Hankido in the 1980s. The literal translation of the word hankido is “Korean energy path” and promotes the integration of three disciplines: HAPKIDO, HANKIDO, and HANKUMDO. Although it is a very modern martial art, since it was only introduced to the public in 1980, it is based on very old concepts of Korean culture, precisely because it seeks to rescue the traditions that were lost after the Japanese occupation of the Korean peninsula.

Hankido in the HKD is the link between the disciplines practiced within the HKD (Hapkido, Hankido and Hankumdo); as well as a form of cultural expression of the South Korean people.

The teaching of Hankido

There are 8 paths (or directions) on which the IHF HKD bases the teaching of Hankido.

  • Ho Shin Do Bob (Self Defense Techniques).
  • Moo Ye Do Bob (Circular Techniques and performed as a dance).
  • Su Jok Do Bob (Hitting Techniques).
  • Kyuk Ki Do Bob (Fighting Techniques).
  • Ki Hap Do Bob (Techniques for the KI -internal energy- development).
  • Byung Sool Do Bob (Handling Traditional Korean Weapons).
  • Su Chim Do Bob (Use of Pressure Points).
  • Hwan Sang Do Bob (Visualization Techniques and Breathing Exercises).
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